I’m sure the wait has been long and painful, but once the wait is over, it’s time to get yourself prepared for your hip replacement.

Before your surgery you will be sent a number of exercises to do. These may be a little bit uncomfortable, but it is important to stay as strong as possible before your surgery. As with any surgery, if you’re strong before the surgery, this yields better results post-surgery and will get you back up and about more quickly!

If you haven’t had exercises or if you’re currently waiting for a surgical date, then please please please drop us a line. Surgery alone will not provide you the results you expect, there is some work on your end, and we can advised you what to do!

Now what can you expect after your surgery?

Post-surgery you will be taken through how to use crutches, taken through all your exercises and if needed you will be taken up and down the stairs so that you know how to use a crutch with stairs.

Most patients are shocked at how good the operated leg feels and how much more freedom they have with it. They also notice that the exercises that once were hard they are now able to do.

Be prepared to be asked to get up and about. As much as this is a big surgery, it’s incredible how far orthopaedic medicine has come, and how quickly you are able to get moving again.


You will also be told how often and when to use ice packs post surgically.

The same goes for exercises!

Generally you will be told to do your exercises 3 times a day (a good way to remember is before you get out of bed, when you will be stiffest. Just after you’ve had lunch and then when you get back into bed before you go to sleep!)

With walking around, before you have had your post op appointment, generally you should be on your feet for no longer than 15 minutes at a time and to get up every 1.5 hours to have a little walk.

Remember, the more you are sat still, the stiffer the joint will get!

Although there is no weight limit on what you can put through the new joint, use your pain as a guide as to how much you need to be relying on your crutches.

You will be given a post-operative appointment which is likely to be 2 weeks after you have had your surgery.

It is important that you are vigilant with your exercises every day before your next appointment as this will give you the best chance for good results.

As far as coming off the use of crutches, every person is different! Some people are off between 7 – 10 days and some take a little longer!

This is not a race.

Everyone is different and interestingly, if you are unlucky enough to need both sides done, between joints you can feel very different!


Top things to remember:

·         Do your exercises both pre and post-surgery

·         Give your body time to heal, if you need a nap.. take a nap!

·         The first week, even those 15 minutes on your feet will feel like a marathon

·         Allow your body to guide you through the pain, take your painkillers!

·         Ice. Ice. Ice

·         Relax, everything will work out as its supposed to if you follow the guidelines!

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