Dear Patient 


Physiotherapy involves many different types of physical evaluation.  Online physiotherapy assessment has many benefits including ease of access, reduced cost and improved appointment availability.  It is important to note that due to the largely subjective nature of this type of assessment, there may be some instances where your therapist needs to carry out a physical assessment, in which case we will request that you make an appointment to come into the clinic. There are also technological issues which may lead to a reduction in the quality of video feed or audio quality.  Every effort has been made to avoid these issues, and it is important that you read the technological requirements prior to your appointment, to ensure you have the necessary specification in order to avoid any undue complications with your assessment.


During your physiotherapy assessment, it is may be necessary for you to expose the area in need of evaluation.  Please communicate to your therapist if you have any concerns during the assessment. 


The therapist will explain your physiotherapy diagnosis and discuss any recommendations with you.  Physiotherapy, as with any type of medical care, is most effective if you participate according to the treatment plan agreed upon with your therapist.  If at any time you have questions regarding treatment and services provided, please do not hesitate to talk to your therapist.


I have read this form, I understand and agree to all consent regarding physical therapy evaluation and treatment


Thanks for your time


The Move4 team