Modifying your risk of injury using technology to guide you

On Wednesday of last week, Lee, one of our directors here at Move4 attended the Kitman labs summit down in the big smoke.  This was a conference designed for practitioners working with elite athletes and high performance teams, the speakers all provided unique insights into their own fields specifically with how best to use science to improve performance.  However, we feel that this approach can also be applied to amateur sportsmen and women, just read on to find out how!


In recent years there has been a big push towards physio and performance teams as a whole, collecting a wide range of data on players, in order to make more educated decisions regarding player workload, enhancing performance and rehabilitation.  In most cases this information is used well, however the general theme throughout this conference was that more data does not equal better decisions, it simply means more decisions.  Only when this data is utilised in an efficient manner does it begin to provide performance teams with a deeper understanding of their athletes, team, and more importantly the sport in which they operate.  In a high pressure environment, the time investment in collecting this data, and then the techniques used to analyse can prove to be quite a burden on performance teams. Without more efficiency in how this information is utilised and presented, there is definitely a decision to be made with regards to cost/ benefit of extensive monitoring within professional sport.


Luckily with the constant evolution of technology, there are now several innovative solutions which bring together the many performance variables, and correlate that with injury risk.  This type of analysis is groundbreaking, and enables performance teams to make more educated decisions about their athletes preparation for and recovery from the big matches/events they take part in on a regular basis.


This method of gaining insight to your sport through technology is becoming more and more achievable for people like yourselves, who may not have access to this level of support.  You are now able to support yourself using apps such as strava and map my run, which can give you as sportsmen and women a valuable understanding of what you are putting your body through for each session.  Regardless of what sport/activity you take part in, you are now able to ensure a smooth, gradual increase in the load on your body.  Now all you have to do is decide on which variables are most relevant to you, whether it is total mileage, average speed, or simply the time on your feet, you are able to reduce your risk of injury substantially.  There are many other aspects which can be taken into consideration on top of this, with regards to mitigating you risk of injury, but as a starting point this gives you a lot of bang for your buck.


We at Move4 Physio believe people of all levels, can utilise this approach, in order to enjoy more of the time you invest in your sport. Whether you’re a casual walker or a seasoned triathlete, you have much to gain by considering this topic and integrating it into your approach to whatever it is you love.


We are used to working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and sports, so why not get in touch and reduce the risk of sustaining that unwanted injury.  We’re waiting for your call!!




The Move4 Team