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Over the Bank Holiday we shared a picture of one of the Move4 family completing their rehab whilst on a family holiday. Kirsty was determined not to plateau in her recovery and ensure she was working to achieve her goal as soon as possible!

Kirsty diligently completing her pilates homework given by Move4’s  Kiera Ruddy

Kirsty diligently completing her pilates homework given by Move4’s Kiera Ruddy

Kirsty is a mother of two daughters who regularly runs and attends the gym.

She had been managing a long standing issue for years, but her symptoms started to increase recently effecting her exercise routine and more importantly her ability to keep up with her two daughters!

With advice from Move4 and her consultant, surgery was booked and completed, and so the recovery begins.

The approach with Kirsty is to start with specific low level pilates exercises addressing her individual needs post surgery, and then to join one of Move4’s Pilates classes.

Kirsty will still need specific areas to be addressed when she is in the class but this can still be achieved in the group setting.


Move4’s classes are Physio-led and small. The course of classes start with an assessment for each person to understand their needs and areas to address. Leian and myself can then plan any modifications you may need to ensure they stay safe, and continue to work towards your goal. Having small classes provides us with the opportunity to spend time with you all, making sure you’re are getting the most out of the class!


Kirsty may still be in the early stages of her rehab journey but she is working hard to ensure that she can get back to running around with (and after!) her family!

What is your goal?

What is holding you back from getting there?

Pilates at Move4 Physio Northampton

 Move4 pilates classes take place at the Milking Parlour on a Tuesday evening at 6.30pm and Thursday Morning at 10.15am.

For more information click here, and speak to one our instructors.

Keep Moving!

The Move4 Team

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