Help a GB athlete achieve Gold

Hey guys

Hope everyone’s well, and have been enjoying the ‘Indian summer’ we’ve been having this weekend.

We wanted to let you all know about an athlete that we have been working with for the last year or so called Jodie.

Jodie is a 22 year old Great Britain Judo player who came back in the face of adversity in 2018 following an ACL rupture, suffered whilst competing in 2016. Despite what you may think the majority of athletes under the wing of UK sport may receive in terms of financial or medical provision, Jodie receives absolutely nothing and if not for her fathers private medical insurance, she may still be in the depths of rehab now, rather than what she is doing in 2 weeks time, competing at the Commonwealth championships.

We have been assisting Jodie with parts of her rehab and general needs from a physiotherapy and medical point of view over the last year, but it’s the financial support which is the reason we are writing this post.

In order to qualify for the big tournaments, Jodie HAS to compete at various events around the world in order to gain enough points to be eligible for selection. Jodie has funded her way through these competitions over the last year to get herself into the top 3 in the country, but the next goal is to medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2022. In order to do this Jodie will have to continue to fund her own participation and travel around the world, something which proves extremely difficult when you have just graduated from university, and are attempting to start your own coaching business.

Jodie is a quiet, unassuming character away from Judo, and would never ask for assistance when it comes to financing her progression, which is why we felt the need to put this out for her.

Northamptonshire has a proud representation in many sports, in many arenas, and we want to give Jodie as much help to continue this proud association with high performance in Northamptonshire by telling as many people about her as possible. Our goal is to help Jodie raise £2500 in order to fund the necessary tournaments between now and 2022, so if you read this and think you or somebody you know would want to help Jodie achieve her dream and make Northampton proud, then please click this link and learn more.

If you want to know more before you visit our Go Fund me page, then watch this 5 minute video we did with Jodie a few days ago

Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping you can help Jodie!

Kind regards