MOVE - The new class at Move4 Physio

Over the last few years, Monday evening has meant one thing up at Move4…..FLEX CLASS!! 

Now, for anyone that has taken part in FLEX CLASS, you will know that this involved more than just FLEXIBILITY work (judging by the moans and groans coming from the attendees).  

What we have aimed to achieve from the class has been to provide an environment where you can DEVELOP CONFIDENCE in your own body, and learn how to move more EFFICIENTLY and MAXIMISE that body of yours.

It may be that you have struggled to take part in exercise for a long time, due to work or family commitments.  We see people like you on a daily basis and understand how this lack of movement can really effect your confidence.  What tends to happen at this point is you let this lack of confidence prevent you from re-engaging in physical activity, further compounding this fear of movement.  

Once you are in this cycle, it is very difficult to get out of it.  

You may have looked at various solutions to solve the issue, but let us tell you there is one thing we KNOW will work ……………………….


This is why we are re-branding our ‘Flex Class’ to encompass everything that it contains and represents.  

It is simply called ……. ‘MOVE’

If you join MOVE, we will help you to REGAIN CONTROL and EMPOWER you to make the most of your body, using it the way it was supposed to be used.  

While doing this we will EDUCATE you on how each joint in the body likes to move best, and provide you with exercises that enable you to understand how your own body thrives.

The class will start on a MONDAY EVENINGS @ 8PM, run by our very own Hannah Foggett, and is limited to 8 places.  Make sure you get your place confirmed before we sell out for the first block of 6 weeks.

If you want to hear from people who have been coming to us for years, rather than listen to us harp on about how important this class could be in improving your health and well being, click below and watch this inspiring video from Chloe and Bee.

At Move4, our founding principle is that MOVEMENT, STRENGTH and MOBILITY are the cornerstones of health and wellbeing.

If you have pain or stiffness and have gone down the route of passive treatment based sessions, or taken medication for the issues in isolation, you will know that they may help the problem in the short term but they do not address the cause.  

Movement does…… so come and get involved in MOVE.

To book your place please contact us at ASAP to avoid disappointment.  Alternatively feel free to contact us through Instagram or facebook using a direct message or call us on 01604935678