Functional Range Conditioning arrives at Move4 Physio Northampton

A couple of weeks back, during some well earned down time from the rugby season I went up to Battalia Fitness in Liverpool to carry out an accreditation in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

Functional Range Conditioning at Move4 Physio Northampton

If you’re anything like me, when you read the name it doesn’t give you much of a sense of what it actually does, achieves or even means.

‘Functional’ is a word thrown around all over the place in the physio and strength and conditioning world. Sometimes it’s a useful consideration, but quite frequently it results in you balancing on a Swiss ball with one arm attached to a TRX, the other juggling, whilst trying to draw your name on the wall with a head laser.

Essentially the core philosophy of FRC is bring active movement in line with passive range of movement. We need some audience participation to show a good example of this -

  1. Stand up and pull you knee up to your chest as far as it will go

  2. Now let go of your leg and hold it as high as you possibly can, it drops quite a long way right?

So in 1. this is your passive range of movement, in 2. this is your active range of movement. The difference between these 2 is what we’re trying to reduce, as it is quite frequently in these gaps, where injury occurs.

In my time as a physio, I’ve not come across such a thorough approach to mobility and strength at the edges of your maximum range of movement.

That’s why it’s so exciting to bring this approach to Move4 Physio Northampton.

If you think of yourself as stiff, and feel this prevents you moving the way you want to, or doing the things you need to, it’s worth getting in touch and we can use FRC to get things moving better.

FRC is not on offer in many places around the country, so we are lucky to be able to bring you this approach in Northampton, all we need now, are some willing participants to give it a go!

Here are some links to click on to learn more for yourself about the approach (just in case you don’t believe me). You can get a flavour for the types of exercises in here too

We look forward to bringing you our own video’s for you to see in the coming months

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