Mummy Fit Club @ Move4 Physio

Mummy Fit Club at Move4 Physio Northampton

Want to get fit after having a baby, dreaming of that postpartum body and dreaming of that bikini wearing summer holiday. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.


You haven’t got anyone to look after your children? There isn’t a crèche at your gym? You can’t exercise and look after your little ones? No worries, you can bring your babies with you to Move4Physio.


Thanks to the amazing work started by The Mum Club, we have a fitness group for all those new mums, second time, third or more time mums who need a little bit of encouragement to get the heart rate increased, a little sweaty all whilst knowing your little ones are happy too.


The Mum Club Fit Club at Move4 Physio Northampton

The Fit Club is a one hour session that focuses on getting the heart rate up, building strength and control in all those muscles you forgot you had whilst retraining that core and pelvic floor once again. No matter what your goals are whether its confidence, to tone up, or inspiration for home workout ideas The Fit Club is a safe space for all, with that much desired adult company!!! We want to help YOU, bring some goals of your own, what do you want to achieve, this is your HOUR for you, make every second count!


Exercise is great, moving is fun and socialising with other mums is wonderful. Don’t worry if your little one likes a cuddle, I do too. Bring the snacks, bring the toys and the iPads, this is your workout time and we will always make it work for you. Not only are you then releasing some of those good endorphins (similar to what chocolate does as well), you are also paving the way for your tiny humans and setting some good healthy examples that fitness is FUN. You don’t have to run 10 miles or lift 100kg to get fit. Little and often with a smile on your face works as well.


The Mum Club fit club at Move4 Physio Northampton

Set aside one hour a week to do something for you, to make you feel good and to meet other like minded mums who just need a stress release, to feel strong and empowered like we know you are!


If you want more information, to get involved, get in touch today


We can’t wait to meet all of you, no matter how many are in your gang!

Keep Moving