Dog walking in Northamptonshire.....with Katharine Burrows (and Jake and Charlie)

This months blog post focuses on one of the countries favourite pastimes….dog walking!

It may not be a sport, it might even feel like a chore a lot of the time, but getting outdoors with your pooch and exploring the Northamptonshire countryside is brilliant way to stay active and promote those good behaviours and habits which will stay with you in the long term.

Here to talk to you this month about her canines and their favourite place to walk is friend of Move4 Physio Northampton, Katharine Burrows. Katharine is a local lass who has tried and tested many areas of town to take the dogs, so if this is Katharine’s favourite place to go, it’s definitely worth a trip.

Also in this months blog, like previous articles we have a list of all our recommended events for the month of May. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not click the link and find out more.

Let’s hear from Katharine……

‘‘If anyone had told me ten years ago that I’d be happy in my wellies, waterproofs out in all weathers I would have told them they were on about a different person! Don’t get me wrong I’m still not much of a morning person but what gets me out of bed are two very boisterous springer spaniels that need lots of exercise and fresh air. At the weekend our favourite walk is around Harlestone Firs (between Duston and the village of Harlestone), followed by coffee and cake in the garden centre over the road. Dog walks are notoriously better if there’s a treat at the end of it and I don’t just mean for the dogs!

Katharine Burrows Northampton Saints Move4 Physio Northampton

My husband persuaded me that we needed a dog in our life four years ago when he claimed to be having a mid-life crisis and needed a dog to talk to as apparently no one else in the house listened to him....! So we got Jake a liver and white springer and hubby got his new best friend who would listen to him for hours on end as they walked together. As the mid-life crisis dissipated I was allowed to join the walks and had my eyes opened up to a new way of life. Jake depended on us and needed to be walked twice a day to run off his endless energy and this meant that come rain or shine we had to go out!

Andrew Burrows dog walking Move4 Physio Northampton

Harlestone Firs soon became a popular walk because we could let Jake off lead without fear of him running onto any roads  as he was not a big fan of recall!

We loved having Jake so much that we decided to get another springer and when Jake was two years old he was joined by Charlie a black and white springer and then we had two mad springers running around the firs every weekend.

For me dog walking has become a form of keeping fit. There are several routes around the firs and the one that we do is about 55 minutes and 7900 steps on my Fitbit. I love the feeling of being out in the woods and cold frosty mornings are often the best! We watch the seasons change and there’s nothing better than an autumn walk when the leaves are falling from the trees, and watching the squirrels, birds and deer in their natural habitat. It’s a definite stress reliever, and I’m at my happiest when I’m out walking with the dogs. We see young families out on walks, kids just happy picking up sticks, pine cones and conkers or riding their bikes. It really is a great place for everyone, whether you like walking, running or cycling and we often see the same people each week and in particular an elderly couple who always walk around holding hands. The woman has Alzheimer’s and it’s clear that this walk brings her such happiness and we love saying good morning to them both.

For those who like me think they need a little reward after their walk, the Wyevale garden centre over the road has a dog friendly section in its cafe. We always end our walk with a cappuccino and piece of cake while the dogs lay exhausted under the table with their dog chews.  A perfect end to a Sunday morning and then it’s usually home for doggie bath time as both dogs will have wallowed in muddy puddles and Jake will have rolled in at least one heap of horse poo, a favourite part of the walk for him and makes for a very unpleasant car journey home and  windows have to be wound down whatever the weather...........’’

Speaking as someone who doesn’t currently own a dog, the idea is much more appealing looking at some of Katharine’s pictures, and hearing what a difference it can make.

Thank you Katharine!!

If you have any different walks or any other interesting ways of staying active that you feel people will benefit from hearing about, then please get in touch.

Now, as we do every month, here are a list of local events taking place. If you’re looking for a challenge or simply want to go and support click the link and find out more details.

We look forward to speaking to you soon

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May Events

12th May - Northampton 10km - Run

  Based at the Racecourse


17th May - East Midlands Grand Prix 5 mile - Run



18th May -Cransley Hospice Bubble Rush - Run

                  Beginner and family friendly 5km run whilst getting blasted with colourful bubbles                   along the way


19th May - Pitsford Sprint Triathlon

Open water sprint distance based at the Northampton Sailing club


26th May - Towcester Mill Brewery Sportive - Cycle

35 or 60 mile distance, with a free bottle of beer at the end!