Horse riding in the Northamptonshire countryside, and events to look out for in April!

Chloe Beauchamp from Team Beewear Northampton

Move4 have a very strong link with the Beauchamp’s and their horse riding clothing brand, Beewear.

One of Beewear’s finest, Chloe Beauchamp offered to write us a piece on horse riding out and about around Northampton. Believe it or not Chloe’s favourite hacking route takes her past Move4 Physio, on the Courteenhall estate. If you’re after some great advice regarding getting into horse riding or are interested to learn more about what Chloe does from day to day in order to keep Danny happy, then read on, if you’d like to learn more then feel free to get in touch and I’m sure Team Beewear would love to speak to you!

After Chloe’s entertaining piece, as per previous months, we have a list of all the fitness events going on in Northampton in April that we’re recommending. Like previous months, if you know of any events that you’re organising or taking part in, just get in touch and we might put them in next months post.

I am fortunate enough to regularly enjoy Northamptonshire bridleways with my equine partner Danny. Obviously I am biased, but I don’t believe there is a more special and intimate way to enjoy your local countryside than from horseback.

Northamptonshire countryside horseriding physiotherapy Move4 Physio Northampton

Danny and I do not particularly have a favourite route as it is important to vary the terrain, i.e. road work or field work, open grass or woodland, for not only fitness of horse and rider but also mentally too.

Believe it or not horses do “learn” routes that they do regularly and they do get bored! It is much more pleasant for horse and rider to mix up where you ride.

Northamptonshire countryside horseriding physiotherapy Move4 Physio Northampton

About once a week we do a circular ride that passes Move4 Physio, although it isn’t a very long ride, it includes varied ground conditions and no road work. It incorporates passing the windfarm, which luckily the horses don’t take any notice of. There is also a particularly inviting grassy stretch for a good canter!

Northamptonshire countryside horseriding physiotherapy Move4 Physio Northampton
Northamptonshire countryside horseriding physiotherapy Move4 Physio Northampton


If you fancy giving it ago, find a riding school local to you, be prepared to learn the basics in the ménage with an instructor first, once the riding school deems you able and you feel comfortable you may be able to go on a supervised ride around the local area. It is very important you ride/walk on permissive paths i.e. footpaths and bridleways only (Horses & riders are NOT allowed on footpaths).

Northamptonshire countryside horseriding physiotherapy Move4 Physio Northampton

It is a good idea to get an Ordnance Survey Map of your local area, there is also a good app. Even better find someone who knows a route and ask to join them to open up your own exploring. If you do give it ago be prepared to engage your core, and potentially have sore thighs and bottom the next day! Nothing that regular riding and trips to Move4’s team won’t sort out.


May I also take this opportunity to raise awareness of horses & riders in your local area, if you come across them while driving, please pass wide and slow. As much as we do intend to have full control over our best friends, they do have a mind of their own and being prey animals if they find something scary their first instinct is to move away and fast! Please take notice of riders signals, we are open to the elements i.e. we can probably hear and see things you cannot in your car, including things our horse could potentially spook at! If you meet us in the fields please put your dog on a lead, even if you know your dog is ok with horses, the horses may not be ok with dogs. Please also stay in sight and don’t hide in hedges/bushes – if horses can see what is ahead of them with good time, they are less likely to be reactive at the last minute.


(P.S. for the inquisitive among you, you may wish to know why my horse has ear covers on. Danny is a bit of a sensitive soul and can be highly sensitive to sounds, these ears are sound reducing and help him concentrate on the job at hand)


We at Move4 Physio Northampton would like to thank Chloe for writing us this piece and for providing us a great insight into the life of a horse rider. Our aim by bringing you posts like this from Chloe is to show you a variety of ways that you can stay active, stay tuned for next months post!

If you would like to write a blog post for us then please do get in touch!

Right, now for April!!!

If you are in the market for a fitness/physical activity event in April then see below. Our aim is to provide you with inspiration and options, you need to strike when the inspiration strikes so why not sign up for one of the events below.

1st April - Wolverton Mill Circular walk - walk - 3.2 mile dog-friendly walk


4th April - Kislingbury Loop Evening walk - walk - 4 mile dog-friendly walk


6th April - Rose of The Shires Ultra - run - first ever event covering the Northamptonshire countryside


6th April - Uventure Run - obstacle run - three distances 3.5km, 6km or 12km with the shortest distance being open to children


14th April - Battlefield Duathlon - multiple distances to choose from


21st April - Northampton Chocathon - run - As many or as little laps of the 5.17 mile route in a six hour time limit with chocolate filled refreshment station!


21st April - MK city trail Duathlon - multiple distances to choose from


28th April - The Quattro Cyclosportive - cycle - 53, 75 or 90 mile option


30th April - Salcey Forest Challenge - run - 6 hour time limit to complete as many laps of the 3.2 mile loop as you want.

We’ve even made it easy for you by linking each event to their website!

We look forward to bringing you more stories and events next month

In the meantime…..

Keep Moving!!

Move4 Physio