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This is Gary Herbert

Gary Herbert running 1600 miles for the Life for Lewis Appeal

Gary is currently roughly half way through his challenge to run 1600 miles this year. This equates to approximately 33 miles per week, just under 5 miles per day. Now you may ask yourself why he’s putting himself through so much pain for a whole year, and where the mileage mountain of 1600 came from?! This is why….

Gary and his wife Lexi, have a son called Lewis who is 16 in November, this is why Gary chose the number of 1600 miles, 100 miles for each year of his life.  Now why put yourself through the mill to celebrate your son’s birthday you may ask?

Well….Lewis, Gary and Lexi’s son, suffers with a debilitating syndrome known as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), this diagnosis followed the initial diagnosis of West Syndrome at just 3 months of age.  The syndrome can cause Lewis to suffer sometimes 100’s of seizures on a daily basis, and results in severe global developmental delay.  Due to this, Lewis requires 24 hr care from his Mum and Dad, who are left without any medications or treatments to give Lewis to improve his situation, as they simply don’t exist.

Now this gives you an insight into why Gary wants to put himself through this challenge, he has made a promise to Lewis to achieve his goal, something which he is managing brilliantly with at this point.

We have known Gary for some time, and back in 2017, Lee, one of our therapists ran the Silverstone half marathon with the ‘Life for Lewis’ shirt on his back.  Now Gary is back with us to get some well deserved TLC on his ankle, which has started to provide him with some issues due to a previous lateral ligament injury he sustained 18 months ago.

We’re going to support Gary through his mammoth attempt to run 1600 miles, and you can do the same by donating money to his Just Giving page.  He’s currently closing in on £8000, we want him to get to that poignant amount of £16,000 before he completes his run.

Please help Gary and Lexi support Lewis by doing all you can for the ‘Life for Lewis’ appeal

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