New Year....New You....Same Challenges

Hopefully, some of you were afforded a little time away from work and the stresses of real life over the Christmas period?!

If so, perhaps you gave some thought to what went well in 2018 and what didn’t work quite so well. Maybe it was something like your work/life balance not being quite where you want it to be, maybe it was wanting to dedicate more time relaxing and de-stressing, or maybe, like many people, it was to get fit and healthy in 2019.

Reflecting on your life, job and health, and making adjustments in this modern world is crucial.

In order to take control and make choices about what direction you are going to go in 2019 relies upon this analysis. The problem lies in the fact that once you have highlighted the areas you want to address and improve……….

You now need to implement this change

This is where the majority of people…myself included, fail. If you’re like me, the changes I want to put in place for 2019 are not small. Most people are not just a couple of tweaks and modifications away from where they see themselves.

Most people are a long way away from where they want to be, which means the changes are like mountains that need climbing, so far away it is almost impossible to be able to imagine what it will look like when you achieve it.

Lofty goals, as admirable as they are, and as committed as you may be at the time, are sometimes too big, and unrealistic for you to be able to achieve without further analysis. This is not suggesting that you shouldn’t aim high, having big long term goals are crucial, but the people who inevitably reach these long terms goals, have a very specific and realistic set of short term goals in place alongside.

I recently listened to a podcast called ‘The Minimalists’ who had the author of a book on called Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. The book is all about how to make change in our habits and routines.

One of the points he makes is that people tend to break down big goals into what they perceive to be smaller goals, however, even these smaller goals need to be broken down further again and again in order to make them achievable.

For example, lets assume our goal for 2019 is to lose 10 kg in weight. We could break this down into the following :

  1. Go to the gym 3 times per week every week the kids are at school, giving time off for holidays

  2. Eat more vegetables

  3. Drink less alcohol

We now need to break these down even further, so for goal 1 we could break it down into :

  1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier, to account for early morning starts

  2. Lay out gym kit every night before going to the gym the following morning

  3. Alter commute route to drive past the gym everyday, keeping it in your mind

  4. Make a plan of what you are going to do at the gym when you are there

  5. Block book some sports massages from your friendly Move4 Physio Northampton therapist to make sure muscle soreness doesn’t stop you going to the gym

  6. Spend 30 minutes per week downloading some good podcasts/playlists to listen to whilst you’re at the gym

Sports Massage at Move4 Physio Northampton

Even these goals can be further broken down, but you see my point.

In order to get over the hurdles which stand in your way of staying true to your new years resolutions. You need to get ahead of the game and predict what those hurdles will be before you hit them. The easiest way to do this is to keep on breaking down your goals until you don’t feel like there is anything else to address.

You need to start small, and once you integrate these smaller goals into your routine, they will eventually form habits, and once these behaviours are habits, YOU WIN!

Habits are things that happen automatically, you don’t have to think about them, and they underpin your behaviour in all aspects of your life. So if you work at something for long enough in order to change your habits, that’s when you will be in a place where these new years resolutions get achieved.

Don’t let something positive like setting new years resolutions, become a negative by just adding another thing in your life that you haven’t achieved or has disappointed you. T

he fact that you are even considering ways in which you can improve in 2019, shows that you have the motivation and commitment to achieve them, now all you need to do, is approach it in a slightly different way, and you’ll get there!!

We look forward to working with you throughout 2019

In the Meantime….

Keep Moving

The Move4 Team

The Move4 Physio Northampton Team