Baz Luhrmann makes a great point....& not just to wear sunscreen!

I was sat in my car on the way to a couple of business meetings yesterday morning, listening to the BBC radio 2 Chris Evans breakfast show, not usually a great source of inspiration on the health and fitness front.  However, one of their guests was a director called Baz Luhrmann, who back in 1997 release his number 1 hit song ‘Everybody’s free….to wear sunscreen’. 

Take a minute to listen, it's worth it!!


Got to admit I haven’t heard this song very much since it was released back in the day, but in truth the words probably didn’t resonate to the extent they do now.  The lyrics are essentially an essay written by a journalist as a ‘commencement speech’ and offer various pieces of advice to a younger person who doesn’t have the life experience to appreciate what they have whilst they have it.

There are 2 pieces of advice I found particularly poignant:

#1 – ‘Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when you’re gone

#2 – ‘Enjoy your body. Use it every way you can…don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it. It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own

Just take the time to read them again ……………………………..

Now, doesn’t that make you immediately think differently about yourself and your relationship with your body.  Most people naturally take their body for granted, until periodically, either ill health or injury occurs.  Immediately you begin to realise how much you rely upon and value your mobility and ability to function to such a high level.

This is why I have never understood how health, fitness, wellness, or whatever you want to call it comes so low down the pecking order of priorities in life.  Things such as monetary wealth, cars, property, holidays, food and drink, career, to name but a few regularly get more attention than your body.  Unlike cars, houses, and other material possessions, you only get one body, and yet many people seem to think that someone will fix it when its broken or in fact completely fail to think about it at all.  I could quote numerous clichés like ‘you wouldn’t fill your unleaded car with diesel’ to make this point, but I’ll fight the urge. 

I think this line encapsulates it all…..’It’s the greatest instrument you will ever own’.

The next question once we decide to treat our bodies a bit better, is what does this actually look like in reality?! And what does being ‘kind to your knees’ actually mean?!

Does it mean use them less and give them more time with your feet up on the sofa, or does it mean hammer them with every exercise regimes that crops up on facebook in order to stay healthy?!


It means you need to reward your body by moving it. 

The many different structures that make up the body all have one thing in common, they thrive in the presence of movement, and deteriorate when it isn’t there.  Of course, there is a balance to achieve between too little and too much, but essentially one thing is for sure, your body will tell you when you are doing too much.  It may not however, tell you when you are doing too little, and sometimes, doing less can actually make you feel worse about your body.  Quite often, we see people at the clinic who present an issue, and the solution to the problem is simple …….

Move More + Move Better

Once you start to achieve these goals, you start to get more out of everything you choose to spend your time doing, and in the words of Baz Luhrmann, this allows you to ‘Enjoy your body' and 'use it every way you can’

Keep Moving

The Move4 Team