Northamptonshire CCC legend Steven Crook talks to Move4 about shoulder injuries

This Month Move4 are focussing their attention on shoulder injuries in throwing athletes.  

With the summer quickly coming around, there will be many of you cricketers out there starting to suffer in silence with the increase in throwing and bowling.  We wanted to give you lots of inspiration and ways to counteract this soreness by increasing mobility and strength around the joint.

Along with this, we felt that perhaps hearing from someone who does this for a living, and their experience of shoulder pain would help you to realise that you aren't on your own with this problem.  

We were lucky enough to grab Steven Crook of Northamptonshire CCC after training last week, to discuss the shoulder injury he sustained last season, and how he now approaches throwing and all that goes along with it.  

We'd like to thank Crooky for his time and insights, and we wish him and the rest of the team all the best for the coming season!

We hope you enjoy the interview!

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The Move4 Team


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