Get calf pain when you’re running? Read This!

Over the last week we have been focussing our attention on calf pain in runners.  For any of you out there training for a marathon at the moment, the mileage is likely ramping up pretty quickly.  This can lead to some pretty hefty calf pain, but don’t fear!!!

This doesn’t mean you need to stop all together, it may be you just need to balance the scales with a bit more recovery/mobility, or just tinker with your training programme slightly to allow your calves to adapt.

In this series of videos we work through firstly, the theory behind muscle soreness and the different approaches to dealing with your issues.  We then arm you with the tools to be able to grossly assess your ankle mobility and your calf strength.  This then tells you which approach you most likely need to take, do you need more mobility, or more strength???

It may be that you need a bit of both, so in the next few videos we provide you with some quick and easy ways of addressing these issues.

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So, if you missed it on social media, the video’s are on our youtube page, but the easier solution is to work through them below 


Day 1 – Introduction to calf pain


Day 2 – Assessment of your calf/ankle

Knee to wall test


Calf capacity test


Day 3 – Addressing reduced range of movement

Foam rolling/Pin and move techniques


Myofascial release/Voodoo band techniques


Day 4 – Improving strength

Gross strength – calf raise


Reactive strength – hopping/skipping


Day 5 – Summary


Essentially we have given you the basic tools to assess, improve the mobility and increase your strength for your calf.  Of course there are limitations to the amount of information we can provide you in a video, so if you have further questions then please feel free to email us or book in to see us by calling 07756727654.


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Keep Moving



The Move4 Team