Creative Christmas Exercises

Winter is here, and don’t we know it.

Now the weather is getting cold and the mornings are getting darker, we seem to be getting to that time of the year which is perfect for all of those cosy nights in and comfort food. The last thing we all think about is getting out of our cosy home and heading to a cold and sweaty gym. I feel you.

What if there was a way to exercise in the comfort of your home, even in your pj’s with your slippers on?

Not possible? It sure is, so lets find out how. You can still be fit and healthy over this festive period whilst still enjoying all of those pigs in blankets and cheese boards.


By still being active, your body will still produce all of those happy endorphins that we as humans crave, they will make you feel a lot more positive and maybe, just maybe those dark and dreary days won’t feel as long and tiresome.


Just some simple exercises and movements will keep you ticking over, making you feel like you’ve had a little workout. Try these 5 exercises all within the comfort of your own home.


1.      Static Lunges

2.      Sofa Squat

3.      Stair Step Ups

4.      Dead Bugs

5.      Seated Calve Raises

 For each of these, complete 10 repetitions in 2 sets, apart from the step ups, see if you can do those continuously for 60 seconds. For the most effect, try to keep these movements controlled.

These movements can be completed once or twice a day, and that means you can just create a little more room in your tummy for second helpings of all the festive food.

 We will be releasing short videos for each of these exercises daily over the Christmas period.

We would love it if you record you carrying out the exercises in your own home and tag us on social media. We’re always after new innovative ways to keep our clients active and healthy in their own home, and what better way than utilising your Christmas gifts!

If these few exercises have lit a fire in your belly, then why not contact us about our flexibility and mobility classes in 2019 to get you back into a good flowing routine and in-tune with your body once again.

In the meantime….

Keep Moving